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Wild Game Dinner Event

Wild Game Dinner Event Cancellation
Due to the recent tragic events earlier this week, the South Lyon Football Booster Organization has decided to cancel their second annual Wild Game Dinner.  The sensitivity of the issue coupled with the untimely tragedy has led to the decision.
South Lyon, as well as many communities throughout Michigan has an abundance of hunters and sportsmen.  Our great state offers the opportunity to take advantage of hunting, target shooting and enjoying the great outdoors.  Wild Game dinners are common throughout the state with Booster Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Churches, Chamber of Commerce, and Kiwanis Clubs holding events annually.
At no point did the Booster club intend to offend those sensitive to the topic of firearms.  The event was meant to generate funding for the football program by taking advantage of the vast amount of sportsmen in the area.  The event was not associated in any way with the School District of South Lyon or the High School.
An off-site venue, professional catering, and a licensed firearm business were hired for the event.  All rules and regulations put forth by federal and state laws were abided.
No minors or students were to be in attendance.  In addition, firearms would not be distributed at the event.  A winning raffle ticket would be issued to the winner which would be presented a the licensed business.  The appropriate paperwork and background checks would be performed in accordance to state and federal laws.
The event takes months of preparation, gathering of raffle prizes, vendors, volunteers and participants.  Even though the timing coincided with the tragedy, it was not our intent to be insensitive or offend.
As parents ourselves, our organization works for the betterment of children and our hearts go out to the families of Parkland, Florida.
South Lyon Football Boosters

OFF-SEASON WORKOUTS HAVE STARTED. See calendar for schedule


Congratulations on signing day

Congratulations Trevor Weiss and Ryan Gill on Signing Letters of Intent to continue their Hunt at the College level.


Thank you to all of the parents that took time out of their busy schedules to help the South Lyon Football program this year, along with our sponsors.  The program cannot survive without you: your continued support is what keeps the program strong for our boys on and off the field. THANK YOU. 

Booster Board Members for 2018:

President:  Kurt Newman     

Vice President:  Jeff Haddock

Treasurer:  Rhonda DeLuca

Secretary:  Lynne Lach     

PR/Media:  Holli Plummer

PR/Media:  Paula Blackwell

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