• 2019

    Michael Gassner                    Adrian College
    Ian Goins                               Albion University
    James Haddock                     Adrian College

  • 2018

    Trevor Weiss                         Davenport University
    Ryan Gill                                Olivet Nazerene College

  • 2017

    Braxton Blackwell          Michigan Technological University

  • 2015

    Trevor Tank                        Ferris State University
    Jeffrey Gill                          Concordia University
    Nicholas Pagano                Sienna Heights University

  • 2014

    Hunter Casebolt                  Adrian
    Tim McPhee                         Adrian
    Joe Newman                        Saginaw Valley State University
    Anton Skupin                      Eastern Michigan University
    Jameson Donahue              Virginia Military Institute

  • 2013

    Tommy Duncan                   Hope College
    Brendan Evans                     Alma College

  • 2012

    Tyler Marcus                     Saginaw Valley State University

  • 2011

    Ryan Betz                                            Adrian College
    Brian Birckelbaw                               Hope College
    Derek Talaga                                      Alma College
    Ryan Talaga                                        Northwood Universit

  • 2009

    Anthony Baskins                              Wayne State University
    Eric Tyahala                                       Adrian College

  • 2008

    Derek Cain                                         Grand Rapids Junior College
    Aaron Cornett                                   Wayne State University
    Chris Groth                                        Columbia University (NY)
    Jake Hall                                             Hope College
    Ian McGee                                          Spring Arbor College
    Rob McIlrath                                      Olivet College
    Dan Vess                                             Saginaw Valley State University
    Bill Walters                                         Olivet College

  • 2007

    Forest Cohn                                       Michigan State University
    Derek Gotham                                   Eastern Michigan University
    Ryan Moulding                                  Wayne State University
    Marty Rochowiak                              Adrian College

  • 2006

    Alex Gentile                                       Hillsdale College
    Evan Mayernik                                  Adrian College
    Tim McAlister                                    Hope College
    Derek VanVleck                                 Northwood University

  • 2005

    Brett “Scooter” Curtis                     Defiance College
    Sonny Favot                                     Ferris State University
    Bill McCleod                                    Albion College
    Bryan “Bubba” Thomas                 Grand Valley State University

  • 2004

    Brandon Herman                             Michigan Tech University
    Josh Haron                                         Northwood University
    Dennis Reedy                                    Western Michigan University
    Bobby Watson                                  Adrian College

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South Lyon Fight Song

We’re loyal to you SLH
The Gold and the Blue SLH
We’ll back you to stand
You’re the best in the land
For we know you are grand SLH
Rah Rah Rah
So smash the blockade SLH
Go crashing ahead SLH
Our school is our greatest pleasure
On with this great endeavor
Three cheers for you SLH
Rah Rah Rah

South Lyon Football Boosters are not affiliated with South Lyon Community School

South Lyon High Football Boosters Club
P.O. Box 206
South Lyon, MI 48178


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