2018 Varsity Team


2Michael Dancer12WR/DB175
3Connor Fracassi11QB/DB175
4Dominic Santoni12RB/DB175
5Ian Goins12RB/DB175
6Derek Jambor11WR/DB160
7Mitch Komorous11RB/LB190
9James Haddock12WR/DB180
10Keegan McGrath11RB/DB170
11Isaac Nooe11WR/DB160
15Ron Menard12QB/DB200
16Connor McCollum11QB/DB160
19Quinn Uphoff12RB/LB185
20Jack Mifsud12WR/DB155
21Jordan Radtka11WR/DB160
23Austin Trudell12WR/DB160
24Brendan Dancer11WR/DB165
25Jake Newman11WR/DB170
28Jack Schafer11RB/LB195
30Jesse Powell11RB/LB200
32Adam Covert11OL/LB170
35Steve Shelton11WR/DB170
36Alex Cuik11WR/DB165
42Jake Werner11OL/DL170
44Josh Helton11RB/LB170
45Darien Maynarich11WR/LB185
50Christian Iaconis12OL/DL220
51Ashton D'Angelo11OL/DL190
52Cole Stalter12OL/DL260
54Mitchell Hannah12OL/DL200
60David Rende12OL/LB180
61Jake Madsen11OL/DL170
62Ryan Jarl12OL/DL220
64Michael Gassner12OL/DL230
68Caleb Baker11OL/DL210
70Gus Taylor10OL/DL215
72Trevor Hannah12OL/DL200
78Reed Reinhold11OL/DL240
79Jacob Klingler11OL/DL210
80Vaughn Vinson11WR/DB170
81Brenden Lach11WR/DB185
88Nathan McMaster11WR/DB170
90Victor Tolfilski11OL/DL200


Every year, the SLHS Football Boosters award scholarships to qualified* senior football players.

Qualifications for scholarship include:

  1. Overall G.P.A. for the player's high school career
  2. Submitted essay

The scholarships are awarded every Spring during the South Lyon HS "award night".  Please contact Coach Henson or the booster board with any questions

* to qualify the football player must have a minimum 2.75 GPA and have played 2 years of Varsity football.


Thurs23-Aug-18Walled Lake NorthernHome7:00 PM22-21W
Thurs30-Aug-18Waterford KetteringAway7:00 PM19-8W
Fri7-Sep-18LakelandHome7:00 PM17-14W
Fri14-Sep-18Birmingham SeaholmHome7:00 PM31-28W
Fri21-Sep-18MilfordAway7:00 PM46-14W
Fri28-Sep-18Walled Lake CentralHome7:00 PM48-0W
Fri5-Oct-18Waterford MottAway7:00 PM21-14W
Fri12-Oct-18Walled Lake WesternHome7:00 PM29-19W
Fri19-Oct-18South Lyon EastAway7:00 PM20-15W
Fri26-Oct-18Playoffs-DexterHome7:00 PM31-24W
Fri3-Nov-18Playoffs-Walled Lake WesternHome7:00 PM14-35L



New guidelines for college bound athletes

Quick check for eligibility

NCAA Eligibility Center
For more information about NCAA eligibility call (877) 262-1492 or visit www.eligibilitycenter.org

Michigan High School Recruiting Position Paper

You've seen the position paper below. (Note that Coach Dantonio has now agreed to add MSU to the list, which continues to grow). Make sure that you are familiar with it and - please make sure your athletes and their parents realize its significance.

The MHSFCA is increasingly concerned with the influx of commercial "recruiting services" that advertise their ability to get kids noticed by college coaches. If you were at the Kalamazoo Clinic, and attended the panel discussion you heard each of the coaches there say that they want to continue to talk to you about potential recruits and they want to see your film and your athletes at camps run by colleges and universities... That commercial recruiting services and combines - run by guys that charge parents for exposing their kids - are a waste of money..

Michigan High School Recruiting Position Paper, 2013 

The purpose of this Recruiting Position statement is to bring focus and clarity to the high school football recruiting process.  The Michigan High School Football Coaches Association and our State of Michigan College Coaches have joined together with the hope of properly educating our parents and student athletes.  We all are concerned with the number of misleading business practices that do nothing to help students fulfill their dream of a college athletic career.  

Areas of Concern:

Paying a Private Recruiting Services is not advised:  Paying a recruiting service for “exposure” or for help with the recruiting process does little to help in recruiting.  The NCAA mandates and approves all recruiting services colleges can use.  Most of these services are not accessible to the public.  All of these services are free to the high school coach and student athletes.  There is no harm in using “free” services, but make sure the services are NCAA approved.  Most emails and “exposure” packets sent by services paid at the parents expense is considered “spam” and mostly sent to the trash. 

Private Combines and Showcases:  Results from combines most local, private “combines” or “showcases” are questionable and Numbers and scores from such events may not be credible to a college coach.  National combines may have more clout but are usually invitation only.   In addition, the NCAA has very strict guidelines colleges need to follow as well as possible issues regarding amateur status. 

“AAU” model events:  AAU coaches exist now in football and the trend is growing.  The AAU coach also forms a relationship with the student athlete.  You should choose wisely in regards to this process.  Football coaches at all levels disagree with the AAU type approach becoming a part of high school football.  Led by the Southeastern Conference (SEC) most colleges will no longer allow such events held on their campuses.  There are a number of legislative proposals at all levels of football to restrict such events. These events may offer intense competition and some skill improvement, but real game performance still determines scholarship offers. *The NCAA has already acted to prohibit AAU teams from competing on D1 campuses.

Truths of the Recruiting Process: 

Exposure:  Exposure comes from your high school coach.  College coaches will continue to acquire prospect information from the high school coaches.  These relationships are based on a trust built over time.  Secondly, send every college a personal letter and game DVD yourself.  All college programs have a staff directory on their web sites.   

Role of the High School Coach:  Every college coach wants a truthful relationship with the high school coach.  Truthful is the key factor.  College coaches use a number of sources to cross-check every potential prospect.  Inflated numbers, dishonest evaluations can hurt the high school coach’s’ future recruits.   The role of the high school coach is to: 

Supply viewable game tapes (in winter of junior year for most D1, middle to end of season for seniors)

Correct and honest student bio information and a copy of the high school transcript. 

Complete the NCAA approved recruiting services forms so the prospects are listed in the publication. 

Attending the MHSFCA December recruiting fairs should also be fulfilled by either the high school head coach or a member of the high school staff.  A number of colleges will only recruit our state at these fairs.   

Attend College Camps:  This is where most college scholarships are awarded.  Attend and perform at the different college camps in-front of college coaches.  Student athletes need to perform in front of the college coaches.  College coaches want information they can trust.  Performing on a college campus and against other prospects can reinforce a prospects evaluation.  All camp dates are on every web site.  

Game Tapes:  “The eye in the sky doesn’t lie!”  College coaches evaluate student athletes based on real game tape footage.  Make sure the college coaches have your game tape at the appropriate time (December of Junior year for D1).  If they feel you are a real prospect, they will connect with you or your coach (given NCAA restrictions).  The higher the division desired, the earlier the tapes are needed.  For example, some D1 offers could be based on sophomore and most are based on junior game tape. 

Important Aspects of Fulfilling the Dream of a Collegiate Athletic Career

Understand the NCAA and NAIA Academic Eligibility rules before the student athletes ninth grade year begins.  The NCAA continues to add more restrictions to their eligibility process.  The Class of 2013 will now need 16 core classes to qualify as a D2 athlete.  The Class of 2015 will need a 2.3 GPA to qualify as a D1 athlete.  Academic eligibility begins with the first semester report card in the 9th grade.  All students and parents need to calculate the students NCAA CORE GPA every semester beginning with the 9th grade.

  1. The overallGRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA) is the most important number in the recruiting process.  The higher the GPA above a 3.0, the more athletic opportunities a student athlete may available.  The most important high school report card is the first semester of the student athletes ninth grade.  

Academic Scholarships are Guaranteed:  College athletic scholarships are limited and in high demand.  Academic scholarships are available at all colleges and universities.  All students can earn academic scholarships but athletic offers are determined by the evaluation of college coaches.  Again, the most important report card is high school is the first semester of the 9th grade year. 

The Michigan High School Football Coaches Association and the State of Michigan College Coaches will continue to work together and educate our student athletes and parents.  We understand the college athletic dream is a powerful motivator and all student athletes deserve the opportunity to fulfill their dream.    

The following Michigan Colleges and Universities have “signed on” in support of this position paper (As of 3/28/2012):

Adrian College
Albion College
Alma College
Central Michigan University
Ferris State University
Grand Valley State University
Hillsdale College
Michigan State University
Michigan Tech University
Northwood University
Olivet College
Siena Heights University 


If you have aspiration to play at the next level

It’s different for everyone, but .......If you have aspirations to play at the next level.....
Scholarship money awareness starts NOW
  check with Student Services they can provide you with information and applications to consider:
    As stated below maintaining good grades is very important
   The South Lyon Football Boosters also offers 2 Scholarships paid directly to the school the recipients will be attending, qualifications are as follows:
    A minimum 2.75 GPA and participation at the Varsity level of football for 2 years
Requirements for scholarship funds other than what is offered by the SLHS Football Booster are specified on each application. 


KEEP a strong GPA and seek help with any subjects where you are struggling

EVALUATE your athletic/physical ability, set goals to improve, and achieve them

MAINTAIN strong personal integrity and stay out of trouble

LEARN the recruiting rules and calendar

POST your athletic and academic information online where coaches can see it


Freshman and Sophomores

START recording performances for your highlight video

TARGET schools you are interested in every division; aim for 100 total

CONTACT the coaches you targeted so they know who you are


VISIT as many campuses as you can for camps, game days, etc.



FINISH your highlight/skills video (with spot shadowing) and send it to coaches

BUILD relationships with coaches and always respond to them

REGISTER with the NCAA Eligibility Center

FIND ways to get exposure, like combines, tournaments, and showcases


SUBMIT your college applications and your FAFSA

GO on official and unofficial visits

CALL coaches, find out where you stand, and give them up-to-date information

ASSESS your position; take stock of your offers

CHOOSE your school and commit

ACT / SAT dates

Players / Parents / Guardians    

To assist you in preparing as a prospective student–athlete for college football. I have included the upcoming ACT and SAT test and registration deadlines. Please be sure you are aware of these dates and that you remember to have your test scores sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

ACT  TEST  DATES                                          Must preregister for ACT & SAT  Before:                                               

September 12, 2015                                                 August 7, 2015  

October  24, 2015                                                    September  18, 2015                                         

December 12, 2015                                                November 6, 2015                                           

February 6, 2016                                                      January 9, 2016                                      

April 9, 2016                                                           March 4, 2016                                        

June 11, 2016                                                           May 6, 2016                                          

SAT TEST  DATES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

October 3, 2015                                                      September 3, 2015

November  7, 2015                                                  October 9, 2015

December 5, 2015                                                     November 5, 2015 

 January  23, 2016                                                   December 28, 2015

March   5, 2016                                                       February 5, 2016

May   7, 2016                                                             April 8, 2016

June 4, 2016                                                               May 5, 2016

Parents informative website addresses

Need to investigate:
any further Questions Please feel free to contact:
Coach Henson
Head Varsity Coach

Coaches Corner

Coach 2016
Jeff Henson
Head Football Coach

Jeff Henson
Head Football Coach

 Chuck Mifsud

Chuck Mifsud
D-Line Coach

Dave Crispin

Dave Crispin
Defensive Coordinator

Rob Dancer

Rob Dancer
DB Coach/Strength and Conditioning

Special Assistants

Scott Levitan
Lorrie Johnsen - Athletic Trainer
Paige Kast - Asst. AthleticTrainer
Carol Pollard - Stats
Randy Saie - Stats
Bryan Thelan - Film
John Mackson
Brian Birckelbaw
Derek Talaga